Glaucoma Treatment

At the Eye Surgery Center of Louisiana, our eye doctors have decades of experience helping the people of New Orleans handle their glaucoma. A series of conditions which cause degeneration of the optic nerve and a dramatic loss of sight, glaucoma is a common effect of aging.

But while glaucoma is a serious series of conditions, our eye doctors can help you, both by using routine eye care to prevent glaucoma and catch it early and by using a number of different treatment options to reduce intraocular pressure.

We understand how to treat glaucoma. Our eye doctors will make sure you’re comfortable with your treatment options and help you make the decision that is right for you.

If you’re a New Orleans, Louisiana resident and you’re suffering from glaucoma, please call the Eye Surgery Center of Louisiana today at 504-887-7660.

Your Glaucoma Treatment Options

Because there are a number of different types of glaucoma, treatment options can vary. However, as we explain to most patients who have questions about glaucoma, the fundamental goal of all these treatments is to relieve pressure inside the eye and ease the process of fluid drainage.

Glaucoma cannot be reversed. However, with proper treatment its progress can be arrested and your quality of life salvaged. That treatment plan usually has a few steps. Those are:

  • Eye drops: In most cases we will begin your glaucoma treatment with a series of eye drops. There are a few different varieties of eye drops we can prescribe, so it’s vital that you carefully follow our eye doctors’ instructions for their use. These drops reduce pressure in the eye, increase the flow of liquid and decrease the production of liquid in the first place.
  • Oral medications: On certain occasions eye drops are not sufficient. In these cases, we often prescribe carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, which are oral medications that reduce eye pressure.
  • Laser surgery: Open-angle glaucoma, which is the most common form, is often treated with a trabeculoplasty. In this procedure, our eye doctors will use a safe, high-powered laser to open clogged drainage canals; this eases fluid loss and reduces pressure.
  • Other surgeries: The results of a trabeculoplasty are usually temporary. If, after undergoing this procedure, you’re still in need of a reduction in intraocular pressure and increase in fluid drainage, there are other surgical options. These including a removing a small of flap of skin at the back of your eye to ease drainage or inserting small tubes in your eye to facilitate the removal of fluid.

You can trust our eye doctors to recommend the glaucoma treatment that is appropriate for your specific need and then perform the procedures with skill and care.

If you live in the New Orleans, Louisiana area and you want to learn more about glaucoma treatment options, please contact the Eye Surgery Center of Louisiana today.

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