Lifestyle Lenses

In the past, cataract surgery could restore vision impaired by cataracts, but only to a limited degree. Traditional lenses gave functional vision for driving, but not for close-up tasks like reading or working on a computer. Now, advanced lifestyle lenses mean you will not only have vision free of cataracts, but you should be able to have functional vision at all distances. This means that you may be able to enjoy all your favorite activities without glasses or contacts.

If you want to have better vision after cataract surgery, lifestyle lenses can help. This page provides background information about this exciting cataract surgery option, but the best way to learn how they can help you is to schedule a consultation. To talk to a doctor about lifestyle lenses, please call 504-887-7660 or email the Eye Surgery Center of Louisiana and schedule a consultation at one of our New Orleans-area locations.

What Are Lifestyle Lenses?

Lifestyle lenses help people have vision at all distances after cataract surgery.

The eye is able to focus on objects at different distances because it has a flexible lens inside that can change focus. This is the lens that becomes clouded by cataracts and is removed during cataract surgery. Replacement lenses don’t flex the same as natural lenses, so the lenses commonly used in cataract surgery only give good vision at one range and are typically designed to give good vision while driving or when outdoors.

Lifestyle lenses allow your eye to focus at different distances to give you good distance, intermediate, and close vision. Many people are able to go through their daily life without glasses after receiving them.

Lifestyle Lenses Improve Quality of Life after Cataract Surgery

It used to be accepted that bifocals were a natural consequence of growing older. Now, lifestyle lenses can help you experience a life free of bifocals or glasses. This means you can not only enjoy all the activities after cataract surgery that you enjoyed before surgery, but you can go from one activity to another without hunting around for your glasses.

If you feel you have a lot of life left to live after cataract surgery, then lifestyle lenses can help you live it to the fullest. To learn more details, please see Questions about Lifestyle Lenses.

To learn more about lifestyle lenses and whether you are a candidate, please contact the Eye Surgery Center of Louisiana today to schedule a consultation at one of our New Orleans-area offices.

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