Eye Care Myths and Facts

We all appreciate the gift of sight, but knowing how to maintain it can seem complex. You’ve probably heard a number of eye care myths in your life, and if no one tells you otherwise, you may continue to believe things like, “I only need to see an eye doctor when I’m experiencing vision problems.” This is false.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology and our New Orleans eye doctors agree that you should schedule eye care examinations every two years between the ages of 18 and 60, and yearly after that point. This allows our eye doctors to check for common eye disorders and diseases even before they begin to impact your vision.

Clarifying Common Eye Care Myths

Using a computer is harmful to your eyes

While there is a condition known as computer vision syndrome, general computer usage is not bad for your eyes. However, if you frequently work on a computer you may want to consider eyewear with glare reduction and to practice periodic eye exercises to avoid unnecessary strain

Reading in dim light is bad for your vision

Reading in well-lit areas is certainly easier on your eyes and can help prevent eye strain, but reading in low-light conditions will not impact your visual health

Eating carrots is good for your eyes

Carrots have vitamin A, an essential nutrient for eye health, so this myth has some truth behind it. However, carrots alone will not provide your eyes with all of the nutrients they need to remain healthy. Some studies have found that diet can help reduce your risk for issues such as macular degeneration. Our eye doctors can discuss proper eye nutrition during your regularly scheduled visits.

Besides minor irritation, smoking won’t damage the eyes

The impact of smoking on visual health is only now being discovered, but research suggests that the chemicals in cigarette smoke can increase your risk for certain vision disorders as well as cause dry eyes and other irritations. Quitting smoking is, in fact, very good for your visual health

We could go on and on about common eye myths, but would prefer to answer your specific questions in person. During your regularly scheduled examinations we would be happy to discuss your concerns and help you determine the best ways to care for your eyes.

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