At The Eye Surgery Center of Louisiana, we understand that the eye care problems we treat on a daily basis are often debilitating conditions. As eye doctors with decades of experience in Louisiana, we know that many of these conditions are experienced by older patients with other medical problems.

As such, we’re often contacted not by a patient, but by that person’s caretaker, usually a family member. We honor the difficult work done by caretakers, and we believe in doing everything we can to make that work simple and stress-free.

If you’re the caretaker of a loved one suffering from retinal problems or other eye conditions, we’re equipped to help you navigate the medical system while also providing top-flight eye health treatment.

If you’re a Louisiana resident and you need to speak with our eye doctors, please call The Eye Surgery Center of Louisiana today at 504-887-7660.

Compassion and Convenience

Our eye doctors and staff are committed to making your caretaker experience with and in our office as pleasant and simple as possible. We know that you have your own life to lead, and we know the burdens of caretaking are heavy.

At The Eye Surgery Center of Louisiana, you can count on us to:

  • Clearly explain the nature of your loved one’s eye health issues and all potential treatment options
  • Provide you with detailed information on home care and what you can expect moving forward
  • Help you and your loved one navigate the insurance and payment systems and to lay out your financing options in a transparent and easy-to-understand fashion
  • Collaborate with you to find appointment times that work for you and the loved one for whom you are caring

Mostly, however, you can expect a compassionate and understanding atmosphere. Our Louisiana eye doctors have decades of experience helping patients like your loved ones and working with passionate, committed caretakers like yourself.

We understand you likely will have a lot of questions about your loved one’s condition and treatment. We will answer all of your questions and make sure you have all the information you need to help your loved one make an informed decision.

If you live in Louisiana and want an eye doctor with experience helping caretakers and their loved ones, please contact The Eye Surgery Center of Louisiana today.

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